The Private Pay Option has Many Advantages

Private Pay Protects Your Privacy!

When you choose to pay privately for your counseling, NO ONE has the right to your chart records.* I keep charts under lock and key at all times, and will not release information without your express request and consent. (For example, if you wanted me to confer with your physician or spouse, etc.)

No worries about future insurance premiums or personal information being hacked on-line.

We Have More Flexibility!

When you choose to be a private pay client, we can work in more ways than in my office. Would a phone consultation be helpful to you? Or possibly even on-line via web-cam?

Just think! This means we could still connect if you needed or wanted to even if you were out of town on business or vacation!

We could practice anxiety management skills in public settings. Or what about a home visit when coming to the office is a problem?

Private pay clients aren't limited by insurance companies restricting sessions to a specific amount of time, either. We can choose to work for 15 minutes or 1 1/2 hours, or even 3 hours if we agree that's what you need.

These are real options when we aren't limited by insurance company rules.

You Get to Choose Which Approach to Therapy You Feel Best Fits Your Needs

One of the best reasons for talking with a counselor is that we have chosen a career specializing in human behavior. Part of my job is to share with you the different ways we can approach working with whatever you're struggling with.

After listening carefully to your story, I will offer some suggestions about how to help.

And there are usually many options for you to choose from. For example: Sometimes it may be practicing some new ways of thinking about your situation (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.) Sometimes communication or conflict resolution skills are in order.

And sometimes deeper methods of psychotherapy can be helpful, especially if you're struggling with past traumas that continue to cause you problems in the present.

Because the insurance companies are no longer dictating what we can do for what problem, or how often we can work on it, we can use whichever approach to treatment you prefer and we agree upon is appropriate.

As a private pay client, you are also free to come for marital counseling, bereavement counseling, interpersonal relationship counseling, parenting issues, empty nest or retirement grief work (yes, people often grieve the loss of their job when they retire), even grief work for the loss of a beloved pet. Remember, medical insurance plans specifically exclude counseling for these types of issues.

What About Using A Flex Account?

Do you have either a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flex Spending Account through your employer?

You can still use those funds for our work! Just let me know you need a receipt to turn in and I will be happy to provide one for you to submit to your plan for reimbursement.
So think carefully when deciding whether to pay privately for counseling or use medical insurance.

It may cost a bit out of pocket now, but you won't be repaying the insurance company for the rest of your life in the form of higher premiums.

And that's a bargain in the long run.

* Exceptions: 1)If you disclose the abuse of a minor child or vulnerable adult, the law requires that it be reported if it hasn't been previously; 2)If you are a danger to yourself (actively suicidal) or others, I am required by law to intervene to try to ensure safety. This may include calling the police, if necessary.

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