When Should You Seek Professional Advice?

Deciding if or when to seek professional advice is a difficult decision for many. However, there are some basic facts and situations that might help you to make that decision.

Some situations require immediate, critical assistance (such as having suicidal or homicidal thoughts or actions) and others are less threatening but would benefit from guidance from a professional.

Generally, if you have been feeling very stressed, depressed, worried, or anxious AND it is beginning to interfere with your life, then the advice of a professional therapist can be very helpful.

Excellent Reasons to Seek Help

You should consider getting professional advice or life/career consulting for any of the following situations:

    • You argue with significant people in your life regularly and feel that nothing gets resolved
    • You feel stressed about work, school, personal life, parenting and/or relationships
    • You are struggling to parent your teen effectively
    • You worry a lot about many different things and feel the worries are creating problems in daily living
    • You feel sad, lonely, and/or hopeless and want to feel better
    • You feel anxious about something and can't "let it go"
    • Your performance at school or work is worse and you can't seem to change the situation
    • You have difficulty expressing your feelings to others or communicating your needs effectively
    • You wish to make a positive change in your life and/or school/career, but can't seem to get motivated or focused
    • You feel overwhelmed or "out of control" often
    • You want to understand and resolve past trauma, pain or loss

If you're experiencing anything like the above situations, or even a different one that's causing you difficulty, and would like professional advice or a consultation session, call me at 208-344-4343.

I'd like to help.

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