So, What IS Stress, Anyway?

Stated very simply:

Stress is the body's reaction to change.

Human beings are creatures of habit. We're at our best with routine plus just enough change thrown in to add spice and a sense of adventure to life.

When changes happen unexpectedly and not by our choice, our bodies react as if we were in physical danger. Our bodies also react this way when we feel emotionally threatened.

For example, if someone criticizes or yells at us, our bodies experience that as "danger." Our fight or flight reflexes kick in setting off a whole series of physiological responses.

For example, adrenalin and cortisol flood our system, blood flow is redirected to major muscle groups so we can run faster or hit harder, and we become very alert - on the lookout for the source of the danger.

If we don't have any real life-saving actions to take, the adrenalin, etc. stays in our bodies too long, and we are left partially and often chronically stressed. This is unhealthy in the long run, but more about that later.

Even changes we have planned and are happily looking forward to can produce this effect in our bodies.

It's the adrenalin energy that explains why we can clean the house so fast and thoroughly when relatives are coming to visit; or take care of all the gazillions of details when we’re planning a wedding or a major move to a new home.

A little stress can go a long way to helping us be at our best sometimes.

BUT…Too much over too long a time can create all kinds of problems: mentally, emotionally, AND physically.

The good news is, you can learn to control your distress rather than letting it control you.

So welcome to! I hope you find some useful information here.

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