What is the Difference Between Therapy and Consulting?

And How Do You Decide Which is Best for You?

How Therapy Works:

Therapy is a special process of helping people understand their problems with greater insight, facilitating changes for emotional healing and growth, and providing support during that process with deep compassion and caring.

In fact, the single most important thing in therapy is the rapport, the relationship that develops between the client and the therapist. All the many tools and techniques available will have little effect if the relationship isn't solid.

For this reason, I always recommend that people shop around for a counselor they feel they click with, feel comfortable with, and feel respected by. Most good therapists are willing to visit with you briefly either by phone or in person at no cost to ensure a good fit.

Therapists are also trained regarding the use of specific therapeutic modalities to treat particular problems.

What is Consulting and How Can It Help?

Consulting services are a proactive approach to getting some guidance and support during a life transition or in daily living. Think of it as you would a tune-up for your car: the car is still running, it's not broken, but it could be running smoother and more efficiently if it got a tune-up.

Consultation is for the benefit of helping a client find some answers, advice, guidance and/or resources for their particular concerns. It is usually shorter-term and can include phone sessions to continue the support.

A consultation provides a safe place to talk with a mental health professional about whatever concerns you may be experiencing regarding yourself or your loved ones.

It allows you the opportunity to explore problems, maybe learn some new skills (ex. communication, parenting), and get some advice about moving your life toward increased satisfaction and emotional wellbeing.

What About Cost? Will My Insurance Cover Consulting Services?

This is a great question!

The truth is that there are pros and cons to both options and it really needs a page of its own to discuss it in depth. Click on Medical Insurance for an in-depth discussion of this important decision.

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